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July 2016 “Exploring What Truly Matters: Powerful Conversations Series Fall 2016”

May 2016 “Dames Show their Remarkable Side!”

April 2016 “How are your ideas creating a better future?”

February 2016 “Local Celebrities Join the Remarkable Women Series! Don’t Miss This! “

January 2016 “Because We Think YOU are Remarkable! Join us! “



December 2015 “Announcing… Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Competition II”

November 2015 “Our Conversation Continues with Women in Media”

September 2015 “Who Are These Fascinating Women?”

August 2015 “Meet Women with Fascinating Points of View”

July 2015 “What Do Great Dames Think?”

May 2015 “Winding Things Up at Great Dames”

April 2015 “We LOVE Spring at Great Dames”

March 2015 “Spring Fever at Great Dames”

February 2015 “NBC’s Tracy Davidson joins a stellar group of women thought leaders for an inspiring Great Dames series”

January 2015 “Meet Women who Innovate, Create and Provoke Us to Think Differently!”




December 2014 “Revving Up for a Remarkable Future!”

September 2014 “We Believe in the POWER of Your Ideas”

August 2014 “Celebrating Remarkable Women”

July 2014 “Let’s Create HAPPINESS Together”

June 2014 “It’s Our Fifth Anniversary!”

April 2014 “Our Conversation Continues…”

March 2014 “Real Change Begins with Conversation”

February 2014 “Dames with BIG Ideas that Work!”

January 2014 “Dames Collecting Coats on MLK Day!”




December 2013 “The POWER of Dames”

August 2013 “Like Mother, Like Daughter”

June 2013 “Our Work is Our Legacy”

April 2013 “It’s time to clean out your closets! And help other women.”

March 2013 “Honor the Women in Your Life. Mentor.”

January 2013 “What Would Ellen Kullman Say?”




December 2012 “Dames Making a Difference!”

June 2012 “You are Invited to Connect with Extraordinary Women!”

February 2012 “Dames Who Get It!”




September 2011 “Want to Make Your Mark?”

August 2011 “What are you doing for YOU?”

July 2011 “What Women Really Want”

February 2011 “Create Your Legacy Now”




December 2010 “Our Year of Discovery”

August 2010 “Experience Great Dames Discovery Circles”

July 2010 “Great Dames Celebrates First Anniversary!”

May 2010 “Sharing Great Advice. Creating Great Ideas.”

February 2010 “Lessons in Leadership”




December 2009 “Reflections from Great Dames”

November 2009 “Note of Gratitude”