Great Dames Announces Winner of Remarkable Ideas Competition II

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The results are in … Women are truly Remarkable!

The Remarkable Ideas Competition II proved once again that women have remarkable ideas that deserve to heard and implemented! Extraordinary ideas for creating a better and healthier world were shared at competition ideation sessions and pitch events.

Ultimately, the Great Dames Community voted, and the grand prize was awarded to

Dr. Kimberly Nalda, founder of Rekindle Family Medicine, for her refreshing approach to providing high quality, affordable health care to her patients.  Dr. Nalda will receive a $25,000 prize package of cash and services to help accelerate her business plan.  Her success team includes a business mentor, Fred Dawson, Bassett, Dawson & Foy, and marketing consultant, Donna Duffy, 3E Marketing Solutions.  Additional services are listed in the Winner Package.

All of the Remarkable Finalists are being matched with a business mentor and invited to join the Remarkable Ideas Community to connect them with people, resources and opportunities for increased success.

Many thanks to ALL of the 2016 Remarkable Applicants.  We are so proud of you and your ideas for health and wellness solutions.  List of 36 Remarkable Ideas Competition Participants.

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Announcing… Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Competition II – $25,000 Winner Package

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Spring 2016 Series featuring Women with Remarkable Ideas & Remarkable Competition II

We are thrilled to announce the Remarkable Ideas Competition II as part of our  Spring 2016 Series featuring YOU – Women with Remarkable Ideas.

This is your chance to hear, pitch and vote for innovative ideas for health and wellness. Imagine all of the ways that YOU can create a healthier world. We kick off the series with a powerful IDEATION session where you will be part of a Mastermind group that generates ideas to improve your thinking. You’ll come away with fresh ideas, new ways of solving problems and additional colleagues to work with.

Join us for our best series yet!

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What Do Great Dames Think?

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60217a4e-8674-4404-ab64-a5f0389e7b89Interview with Betsy LeRoy, owner, Pizza by Elizabeths

We had an opportunity to speak with Betsy LeRoy, successful restaurateur for more than 20 years, who has been recognized as “Delaware’s BEST” in every category, because she CARES about her customers, her employees and the community.  She’s a Great Dame!

Q. What does it mean to be a Great Dame?  

Betsy: “Treating people well and trying to help others whenever I can. It doesn’t matter whether you are a super successful business woman or a great Mom, you can be Great Dame.”

Q. Best advice you’ve ever received?
Betsy: “From my business partner, Betty: ‘It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you don’t know how to do it – yet! Don’t worry about it, you’ll lear

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Great Dames Winds up the Spring 2015 Season with Linda Ronstadt & Provocative Women Writers

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3dbab521-7046-4d1a-a5f7-1c482fc199cbAnother SOLD OUT Powerful Conversation series featuring fascinating Women Innovators at Pizza by Elizabeths

You will definitely want to meet Allison Moore, Phyllis Coletta, and Donna Duffy, three talented writers, who will share their stories and  provoke  our thinking.  Join this fascinating conversation.


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NBC’s Tracy Davidson joins a stellar group of women thought leaders for an inspiring Great Dames series

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tracydavidsonSpring 2015 Powerful Conversation Series features Women Innovators

We’re getting a lot of buzz about the “Women Innovators” that we are featuring this Spring. Wait until you meet these Women Creators, Thought Leaders and Writers, who will inspire you and spark your thinking.

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Great Dames featured in Technical.ly Delaware

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0061_PP2_2926The top 12 women shaping Delaware’s tech scene in 2014
Women are doing big things in Delaware. Meet a dozen who are leading the way in the First State’s innovation ecosystem.

By Melissa DiPento

“We’ve all seen the headlines:

  • We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It (The Atlantic, 2013)
  • Women in tech earn less than men: Here’s one reason why (Fortune, 2014)
  • Mashable even has its own section devoted to the topic: Women in Technology

Well, we’re doing something about it.

We decided to look back at 2014 for Delaware’s most inspiring female stories. Here’s who we covered in our first few months…” Read more

Published Dec. 19, 2014 in Technical.ly Delaware (http://technical.ly/delaware)

Revving Up for a Remarkable Future!

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Reflecting on 2014 & Looking to the Future…

2014 has been a truly remarkable year and 2015 promises to be even more exciting, thanks to all of your great work, as mentors, innovators and entrepreneurs. You inspire us every day as women who care about other women. Thank you for taking the time to have a conversation with each other, learn together, inspire each other and impact the world together. You are making a difference, Dames!  

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Delaware Today Article Features Great Dames CEO

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Great Dames CEO Looks Forward to Future Plans

Sharon Kelly Hake Feature_December 2014

Sharon Kelly Hake is CEO and president of Great Dames Inc., a local philanthropic group that helps women inspire other women to be successful. As it celebrates its first five years, Great Dames is turning its focus to entrepreneurship.


DT: Please share a little background.

SH: Something that has been a fundamental premise with Great Dames, and what we believe in, is that conversation matters. And real conversations create change. I grew up in a large family of nine people. We spent a lot of time at the dinner table every night deep in conversation. I don’t know how prevalent that is today. The family was headed by a very interesting Irishman, who was also a federal judge, who engaged his seven children in interesting conversation. By the way, dinner was a command performance. We were expected to be very involved in school and school activities, but you were home by 7 or 7:30 for dinner. It didn’t matter what you were doing. We would make 10 or 12 pots of tea every night and talk for hours. So, Great Dames is really about creating communities of women who can engage in conversation, but, really, for purposes of creating change. Because we believe in the power of conversation to both create understanding, but also to create action. Everything we do, whether it’s one-on-one conversation, whether it’s a workshop or an event for a salon or a mentoring relationship, any of our offerings, it’s all about creating change and creating action. And none of it is just for fun. We are women who believe in the power to create change and that’s why we’re part of the Great Dames community … whether we do it for conversation and understanding, and friendship and making connections. It is rooted in this whole experience I had as a child in the power of conversation through my childhood. Read more…



Announcing the Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Community!

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0075_PP1_5185We were overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of great ideas that you all submitted and pitched during the competition. We also felt that you had formed a bond and had benefited by sharing your ideas during the workshops and events that we experienced together. As such we are forming the Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Community as way to ensure that you benefit from the opportunity to share your ideas with each other, gain access to valuable resources, mentors, and workshops, and execute your remarkable business ideas.

Join the Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Community… as a business owner, innovator, mentor or supporter. Sign up to learn more.

Photography by Paul Pruitt (www.PaulPruitt.com)

Great Dames Announces Remarkable Woman Entrepreneur!

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Tanya Whye emerges on top in premier pitch competition

0065_PP1_5158     0071_PP1_5175

Great Dames announces the winner of the premier pitch competition targeting women-owned enterprises in the region.  Tanya Whye, Founder & President of Delaware Green Mattress Disassembling & Recycling, LLC (www.dgreenmdr.com) emerged as the clear winner in a competition that included 41 contestants from at least six mid-Atlantic states.  The stakes were high with a winner package that included more than $25,000 in cash and services.  More importantly, the winner receives access to a custom-designed winner success team that includes business mentors, a brand and marketing consultant, a vocal impact consultant, and access to a variety of community and state resources focused on women entrepreneurs. Read more…

Photography by Paul Pruitt (www.PaulPruitt.com)