Great Dames Fund

Great Dames are kindred spirits with purpose who create positive change through self-discovery, inspiration and action. We offer unique programs that transform the lives of women. Our high-impact programs include:

– Great Dames Remarkable Ideas Competition

– Great Dames Powerful Conversations Series

– Great Dames Inspired Co-Mentoring

– Great Dames Peer-to-Peer Advising

More than 6,000 women have become engaged in Great Dames initiatives since our launch in 2009. More women are joining the community every day. The Great Dames Fund has invested in more than 150 causes that empower women and girls locally, nationally and globally.

We invite you to join the Great Dames community. Help us support the transformation of women and girls. Please make a contribution to the Great Dames Fund today! Click below or send a donation payable to Great Dames Fund, 318 Queen Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Empowering Women

Great Dames Fund supports programs that enhance women’s personal purpose and effectiveness by forging meaningful relationships and engaging in community service.

Empowering Girls

Great Dames Fund supports programs that develop youth by focusing on their strengths and unique purpose as they achieve their full potential.

Empowering Communities

Great Dames Fund supports the creation of communities of women kindred spirits who motivate and inspire each other to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Dear Amazing Great Dames,

On behalf of Friendship House Clothing Bank of Delaware, thank you for arranging another successful clothing drive.  You collected 1500 pounds of winter and summer clothing.  That is FANTASTIC!   … As you all know there is a great need in the community for donated clothing for men, women and especially children.  It is through the efforts of caring individuals and organizations like yours that these needs can be met.  Wearing clean, good quality clothing improves an individual’s self-image, which in turn, improves their quality of life and enables them take the next step forward.

Bill Perkins
Executive Director
Friendship House Clothing Bank of Delaware