Activate Community Impact Initiatives

Activate Community Impact Initiatives


Great Dames is involved in activating several important community impact initiatives.  We bring these qualities to all our engagements:

  • Listening hard and well
  • Intensive organization
  • Focus on results
  • Effective  collaboration
  • Passion for achieving successful outcomes
Strategic Planning

We help your organization align priorities for action among key stakeholders.  We do this with a proven strategic planning process that generally takes the form of an intensive workshop where all stakeholders come together to collaborate, create and drive consensus.


Program Management

We utilize  a team of experts in strategic planning, marketing, project management and operations to lend its own inspired leadership to program management and execution. For example, we are currently managing an exciting public-private partnership that is designed to help low-income families become financially empowered. Great Dames is putting its resources behind making this program successful so that more women will have the opportunity to become Great Dames through financial solvency.


Program Branding

Capturing and engaging your stakeholders often is the result of smart branding.  It also has the advantage of building value which can result in additional funding and support as well as sustainability. Our experts have years of experience marketing products and services and bring that orientation to community impact initiatives


Private/Public/Non-Profit Collaboration

Successful community impact initiatives often require the collaboration of private, public and non-profit organizations.  It does take a village to make a lasting impact!  We help organizations with different agendas and models come together to build successful, sustainable programs.

Community Engagement

How do you engage a community?  One of Great Dames’ strengths is knowing exactly how to answer that question.  We use branding, events, dialogue, social media – all based on thoughtful assessments and strategy – to engage communities in real ways so initiatives succeed and grow.