Great Dames Fund

Great Dames is a dynamic, diverse community of women who connect, learn from, and empower each other to discover their own greatness.  Our programs inspire, engage, and encourage women to take action and impact change in their own lives, their communities, and the world.

Since 2009, Great Dames has engaged more than 6,500 women and girls at salons, conversations, workshops, and peer groups. More women are joining the community every day. The Great Dames Fund has invested in more than 175 causes that empower women and girls locally, nationally and globally.

We invite you to take action today. Help us reach more women and girls. Please make a tax-deductible donation to the Great Dames Fund. Click on the DONATE below or send a donation payable to Great Dames Fund, 318 Queen Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Help women and girls discover their
Great Dameness.

Empowering Women

Great Dames Fund supports programs that help women discover and unleash their Great
Dameness for greater impact.

Empowering Girls

Great Dames Fund supports programs that develop youth by focusing on their strengths
and unique purpose as they achieve their full potential.

Empowering Communities

Great Dames Fund supports the creation of communities of women kindred spirits who are connected, empowered and inspired to create the impact they desire.

As usual, powerful speakers, but most importantly, very honest, not worried about being politically correct just being truthful.  Being themselves and helping you to find out how to get there too!  Not preachers – friends on a journey and happy for you to join them. Thank you, Great Dames, for always making me focus on my strengths proudly.

This was my first Great Dames speaker event.  I was immediately drawn in by the air of collective energy, being on the same side.  I felt welcome, included.  The panel did not present as a typical group of experts, but as fellow seekers.  The personal, authentic nature of their sharing and subsequent conversation was unique and inspiring!

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