Transition blueprint

Transition Blueprint


Change is the only constant in life. We all find ourselves in transition at some point. For some, it is by choice. They may find dissatisfaction at their current jobs, are looking to what they do after retirement, or still seeking their life goals. For others, it is by circumstance. They may have lost a loved one, been downsized from a workplace, or had to move. Coping with transition requires a thoughtful plan.

Great Dames has a systematic and intuitive method that lets you get to the heart of the matter and build your own personalized transition blueprint. Our sessions will include expert content, exercises and dialogue in the following areas:

  • Understanding of your goals, strengths, gaps and interests
  • Integration of your personal, professional and legacy goals
  • Understanding of your leadership style and your impact on others
  • Planning and strategy development
  • Evaluation of your performance
  • Innovation to ensure relevancy
  • Implementation of your plan